social media optimization

social media optimization

-Alaxa4Digital.Social media optimization and marketing so when comes to social media let me divide them into social media optimization and social media marketing social media optimization means freed from cost the way to get traffic to your website obviously our main goal of any marketing technique is to when it involves digital marketing bring traffic to your website or app after that conversions anyway so but here freed from cost the way to get traffic to your website marketing means at the paid one this is often same as SEO this is same like in Google Ads up here so four years back optimization was excellent like freed from cost also if you are trying it that makes wont to get a lot of traffic to your website but nowadays all social media sort of a Facebook Twitter Linkedin the change their algorithm the increasing more you to travel for a paid one so freed from course you'll get nothing so today only your starting and your team leaders saying that I would like everything organically and you're starting with zero followers paste it doesn't work it'll work but during a long run so my recommendation is instant instant rather than starting with a free go for the paid one initially attract some 10,000 followers now you've got 10,000 followers who are expecting your content's that freed from cost but initially you begin with a free one it .

s doesn't works in order that they change their the algorithm in such how so supported their algorithm we've to find out it but instead of that form if you would like to travel for equivalent old techniques, it doesn't work actually so because we're observing for the past eight to nine years we're working how the algorithm was how will increasing the followers all okay and that see initially today I'm talking about social media optimization once they need a good number of followers the way to contact them the way to get a brand awareness way products the way to get more conversions freed from cost marketing we'll learn later so if you would like to try to social media promotions we've many things but important things are Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram Pinterest YouTube so these accounts are excellent ok Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram Pinterest and YouTube already encounter there are many other accounts also available but if you target India these only much interest also it's increasing these days it isn't great but within the future Pinterest users are going to be increasing so you'll be learning how we optimize on these accounts I feel all of you've got these accounts if you do not have accounts attempt to create them and are available back tomorrow I'm getting to teach you some social media automation tools if you would like to know that you simply need all that comes ok right and a part of social media optimization what you've got to learn is the way to use these accounts and what are the features available? the second thing is creatives the way to make the creative search way so let me show you how I'm showing about Facebook so in the newsfeed so this is often the ad this is the sponsored ad is often the sponsored ad yes the poster coming yeah this is often the spawn turret if you observe properly every four to 5 post one sponsor dad is coming anyway so you ought to skills to make this creative and now who will recruit you to see lately every company they need a social presence it's a mandatory label so these people will hire you KFC ICAC Bank Apollo Hospital training in stools international schools colleges software companies have a social presence anyway so once you're working for this it should skill to manage this page say around five million people are following this channel this page means they're expecting some content anyway it's your responsibility to send some content up here so attempt to spend some time on this table and the way they're posting how they're using hashtags and how they made the creative is so you should skill to use the accounts the second thing is the way to make the creators here creator are often an image or video see these people are utilizing the situations they keep it up not talking about their product sometimes see in These quarantine days work from home like how and they are trying to entertain the an audience so you're gonna learn eighty by twenty rule push and pull strategies over here for that reason only you will be paid much okay let's mention one by one and another thing guys whenever you are doing marketing depends on the the platform you've got to marketing Facebook is different Twitter is a different ending is different the three earth social media platform slowly over three are different actually the Facebook audience like students are going to be there during this platform working professionals are going to be there lumber painter electricians all sort of audience is going to be available anywhere so you do not have a selected the audience only intrapreneurs like that no everybody use Facebook anyway so it is a vast one so whenever you promoting your the product you'll target the precise audience during this interest so you'll be getting some conversions but most of the times they could be irrelevant also and the Facebook audience like more image videos this type of entertainment people have it for entertainment over the Facebook okay whereas Twitter is different you Twitter people like text archery so you'll see very fewer images and videos lately it's coming but see within the past people are limited to pykrete's only so most of the text-oriented anyway so here professional people are going to be there on the .


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