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-Alaxa4Digital. Alaxa4Digital is the fastest growing the word app is employed mostly to ask the software that runs on mobile phones since smartphones tablets and other mobile devices are nothing but small computers an app works in pretty much an equivalent way as a software does on a desktop or a laptop since the computing power and memory of a smartphone are generally but that of a standalone computer the capabilities of the app are generally but that of an identical software running on a pc most desktops don't have touch screens capabilities.

while all mobile devices have touch screens this changes the way the user interacts with the device instead of a keyboard and a mouse the user simply taps on the display which works both as an data input device as well as an output device apps are designed to figure on different operating systems employed by the varied devices an android app is developed to figure on phones and tablets which run on android os whereas iphone apps are often used on iphones which use ios for better running of apps the internet connection speed must be fast in order that the app are often downloaded easily from the google play store on android phone or through app store on ios okay students let's mention the kinds of apps can be broadly classified as desktop apps web apps or mobile apps desktop apps these apps are often used on a desktop or a laptop generally they are doing not need web access and run independently on a computer to run a desktop app it must be first installed on the desktop or a laptop installed app is indicated represented by an icon on the pc screen or as an item on the beginning menu samples of desktop applications are word processors spreadsheet or maybe smaller apps like paint or notepad web apps these apps require an online connection they are usually browser-based and stored on remote server users access them like all other web page then install them on their computer by creating a bookmark thereto page web applications require minimum device memory because the application lies on the remote server these applications are often utilized at whatever point needed from any device through the web for example google maps instant messenger etc mobile apps these apps run on smartphone or a tablet mobile apps have responsive web designs to adapt to the much smaller screen sizes and orientation of the mobile devices these apps are usually smaller in size as mobile devices have limited memory some mobile apps may come pre-loaded on cell phones or tablets keeping within the view the device independence features software companies nowadays make diverse versions of the applications to be used as desktop apps web apps or mobile apps students let's know more zomato may be a mobile app that allows you to discover restaurants to eat out at or order in from it provides information and reviews on restaurants hotels food joints you can also rate and review restaurants you have been to and share photos of your foodie moments directly from the app students check out the examples given below software desktop app photo editing photoshop from adobe may be a photo editing software which must be installed on a desktop or laptop pixelart may be a free photo editing tool for desktop web app pixel r also provides photo editing software as an internet application available at https colon slash slash sumopaint is another web-based photo editing application slash paint slash mobile app adobe photoshop express and mobile pixelart are photo editing apps for mobile devices which can be downloaded from either the google play store or apple's app store facebook desktop app facebook has no desktop application as it can't be used without being connected to the facebook site web app facebook initially began as a web-based app posting messages or videos require you to be connected to the web mobile app facebook is out there as a separate app which can be downloaded from the google play store the app store and the likes office suits desktop app ms office may be a excellent example of desktop-based office applications this includes data processing spreadsheet and presentation apps web app microsoft allows users to use their web-based office applications google docs is an office suit which doesn't have any desktop equivalent mobile app microsoft office mobile and google docs allow a user to figure on office applications as apps kingsoft and polaris even have mobile apps for office use games desktop app games like solitaire and minesweeper are available on all windows based computers other games can also be downloaded for use on desktops and laptops web app desktop games also can be played online the advantage of web based games is that they will be easily made multiplayer mobile app these games also are available as mobile apps media players desktop app media player apps enable users to play music or videos on their computers vlc player and windows media player are some of the samples of freely available media players web app many sites offer their services which allow you to play music videos hear the radio and even watch tv while online you are also allowed in access to the content of those web-based applications mobile app media players are now included as a typical app on all smartphones besides windows media player and vlc player other players also are available all allow you to play your own media some even support search and download feature maps desktop app google maps are often downloaded on the personal computer however this app will only function when internet access is out there web app the browser-based google maps can be accessed by typing within the address bar of the browser mobile app the google maps app is available within the google play store students let's know more about candy crush in this game the players complete levels by swapping colored pieces of candy on a game board to make a match of three or more of the same color eliminating and replacing those candies with new ones which could potentially create future matches students let's understand the classification of mobile apps mobile apps are often further classified as native apps or hybrid apps native apps mobile apps are usually developed for a specific OS and device this is because each device may have different specifications like gps dual sims or cameras memory bluetooth wi-fi wireless fertility or nfc near field communication apps that are developed keeping in mind the device specifications are referred to as native apps most native apps come pre-installed on the new phone and can even be downloaded from the play store and installed on the device some native apps can run on the device without the utilization of the web but others may have the web facility for full functionality these apps have certain limitations they are designed for a specific platform and are expensive to develop and maintain hybrid apps hybrid contain apps features of both web apps and native apps these apps are often downloaded from the play store and installed on the device these apps require the device to be connected to the internet hybrid apps are often stored partly on the local device and partly on the remote server some hybrid apps are often operated offline also by using cached pages however they need limited functionality offline for example the foremost popular gaming app candy crush is a hybrid app which will be played on a mobile phone as well as on the online okay students let us talk about uses of common apps apps became so prevalent today that a suitable one are often found for nearly any job whether it's for learning entertainment social interactions or even banking and e-commerce there's an app for each purpose educational apps with the rapid increase of mobile technology learning with apps has become fun there is a rapid spread of education to the remotest corners of the planet today students in far-flung villages can easily access top quality educational resources there are apps for all levels of learning apps not only help us to find out new concepts but also show us what's being taught within the classrooms students of all age groups can access a treasure chest of information on any topic education labs are equally useful for both students and teachers teachers are ready to distribute study material quickly conduct tests and grade the scholars efficiently by using apps like google classroom kahoot etc parents do make use of education labs to interact more closely with the teachers and thus monitor the progress of their children in keeping with this trend many online study resources like khan academy by juice learning app as well as online study platforms like edx are now available via apps social networks .


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