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-Alaxa4Digital.copywriting copywriting is strategically delivering words that get people to take some your readers are you writing boring or clever headlines you learn in this course how to write benefit rich magnetic are customers have you leveraged any social proof to your blog content opt into your email list share your principles a great content marketing in mind be generous in giving away like an ad people will ignore it or throw it away make your ad too valuable to throw away how can you do it .

so the first three seconds lets them decide if they might uh really be interested to stay on to this particular piece or obviously head back and Advance to your competitive competent within the sense you recognize the other people that have alternate content otherwise you know similar content to yours so obviously you are doing not want your competitors to possess more traffic than you would right so you would like to have a hook that grabs their attention and then subsequent thing is you would like to do your research obviously the most thing about writing is your research so let me tell you your research is sixty percent of your writing involves your research then one-fifth is your actual writing the remaining twenty percent is your proof reading and your editing proofreading and editing within the sense you know all the changes and stuff that you really need to try to to to form your content look polished so specialise in one purpose yes so when you are trying to speak a selected message make sure you are doing not have you are not beating round the bush confirm you are sticking to at least one single message and one single purpose in one particular blog if you've got like too many messages that you're trying to convey in one single blog it's not really getting to serve the purpose and your content goes to be lost without a proper or an outlined conclusion which your readers are trying to find write during a unique voice now what does one mean by a singular voice here it means your company's personality the brand image your company has you need to have a robust brand image for your company so writing a singular voice that is relevant only and specific to your company or your brand optimize digital content therefore the best digital content obviously consists of you recognize short paragraphs short sentences bulleted points and every one of that so once you have like really clustered or cluttered quite content and paragraphs that's again not going to be really uh trying to grab the eye of the readers so all you would like to undertake to to is you would like to try and stick with one particular message you would like to convey one particular message you need to possess sort of a strong great title and you would like to possess a really crisp and a really great opening and uh yeah all of your content has got to be briefly paragraphs once I say short paragraphs the ideal length of a paragraph is uh five to 6 lines you'll say 100 to 120 words not more than that confirm you break in between then experience content creators obviously now you recognize the brands once they try to uh you know send out strong messages to their uh readers or to their potential customers and stuff they have someone who has been there within the business so experienced content creators would definitely be the ideal um lookout for you recognize new brands who try to succeed in their content to more number of individuals .


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