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-Alaxa4Digital. There are two sorts of marketing which are front-end marketing and back-end marketing and that they both serve very different purposes front-end marketing is that the flashy gateway into your business where you demonstrate value and customers get to understand your brand there's only three purposes of front-end marketing which are converting cold traffic into prospects converting cold traffic into customers and converting prospects into customers one thing that you simply shouldn't specialise in in your front-end marketing is profit although you'll make money on the front that should not be the priority the priority is to bring new prospects into your business in order that they are often monetized at a later date 99 of tourists won't buy on the first visit so only that specialize in monetizing the one percent who do will severely undermine your growth your focus should get on stopping leaky bucket syndrome in order that you'll turn as many of us as possible who come through the front entrance into customers on the rear end of your total marketing budget 70 should be allocated to front-end marketing with 15 on prospect acquisition.

40 on customer acquisition and 15 on retargeting with front-end ads traffic used to be king and therefore the offer was queen now traffic remains king but content is that the new queen the offer has been demoted because without good content you cannot get your traffic to ascertain the offer within the first place also promoting content is a smaller amount aggressive than promoting offers all the time so it helps you are available under the radar without spamming your prospects the best thanks to implement this is often to send cold traffic on to a bit of content like a blog article or video with no direct call to action then use retargeting ads to point out them the offer in your sales funnel the overall goal is to urge prospects onto your email list and from there you'll regularly send them offers until they become customers the rule with email is that you should keep sending emails once a week until people either buy or unsubscribe and the more automations you'll put in place to try to to this the higher your roi and therefore the easier your life are going to be a good foundation is to make an annual promotional calendar where you send emails about your brand in reference to a daily event or national holiday some samples of these default promotions are holiday promotions like christmas commercial promotions like black friday brand related promotions just like the anniversary of your company charity or cause related promotions and commemorative day promotions like valentine's day the good thing about these is that you simply can make one up for nearly anything like world sleep day or yoga day then on counting on your industry once you add everything up you should have a minimum of three promotions planned out for every month of the year or approximately every 10 days with a custom landing page for every one if you'll become organized enough to implement all this you'll be miles before the competition in your field and eventually back-end marketing is where you generate the foremost revenue and really maximize customer lifetime value this is often not about generating new customers it's all about turning existing passionate ones into repeat buyers who spend extra money and tell their friends and family about your brand each customer goes through a predictable life cycle and it is your job to understand this so you know once they are presumably to shop for your products the four phases are new customers existing customers declining customers and lapsed customers the goal is to stay people as existing customers for as long as possible and catch them once they naturally start to decline with a replacement offer in order that they can begin the cycle again once a customer lapses the goal is to reactivate them but this will be far more challenging the key to managing the life cycle effectively is granular segmentation this can be done easily with any modern autoresponder like active campaign and you would like to tag people with the maximum amount information about the products they bought or browsed categories of products they're interested in their demographics the quantity they spend their number of purchases and therefore the average order value using this data you'll then identify exactly what stage each customer is at and communicate with them accordingly 30 of your overall marketing budget should be spent on back-end marketing with half on ads for brand spanking new offers and half on retargeting and again email marketing is simply as important on the rear end because it is everywhere else so at the very least confirm you're running these four sorts of campaigns number one new customer campaigns number two targeted offer campaigns number three vip campaigns and number four get back campaigns new customer campaigns typically only last for 3 or four emails and need to favorite remind them of who you're and what you represent and number two make them desire they're part of something special targeted offer campaigns exist to upsell and cross-sell customers into bundles and your other best-selling products that they'll not realize yet to maximize their order values vip campaigns are targeted specifically at big spenders to build loyalty in order that they keep buying and the best thanks to do that is with rewards like loyalty points special free gifts and upgraded status tiers with additional perks the extra money they spend the best real world samples of this are airlines and mastercard companies who have managed to create cult followings around their reward programs and finally the get back campaigns these are the toughest sorts of promotions but a good framework to follow is 30 days no purchase equals 15 off their next order


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